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Where can I speak to the VS community?

How do I add my Xbox or PSN Profile to my VS Profile?

1. Go to your profile by selecting your nick name in the upper right hand corner of the menu:

2. Click Edit

3. Find the Game Accounts section

4. Click Add

5. Add your Xbox or PSN Profile. Note that this should be the same one you will send your friends on Xbox or PSN. 


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Unknown VAC Bans

The following users have VAC Banned Steam Accounts. These users have been banned, pending outstanding documents. To clear your name, please contact an administrator. 

View the full list here. 

Registering for the leagues/cups

Please follow these registration guidelines:

Getting you and your team ready to register:

To play in the league, competitors need to register on the DGL website.

• To register a DGL account please click here

Competitors may only register for an event when registrations for the specific event are open.

All competitors are required to fill in the following details in their profiles:

  1. Name
  2. Gender
  3. Country
  4. ID Number or Birth Certificate number (only some events ask for this)
  5. Contact Number
  6. Birth date

Note: Depending on the tournament/event, users will be required to have a certain profile level (From level 1 to 3). You can see your current profile level by visiting your edit profile page, you will also be shown how to get your profile level from 1 to 3. Every member in your team will need to have the account levels at the required tournament level in order to enter into the tournament. 

Registering for the league: 

  • Step 1: If you are entering a 1vs1 event, you can skip this step. If you are entering a team based league, make sure you have created your Team, got your players to join your Team and assigned your players with the appropriate roles.
  • Step 2: Search the Leagues or Cups event pages to see what events are currently happening.
  • Step 3: Find the Event you wish to enter, you can join an event straight from the League and Cup pages by clicking on the "Join As" button (this button will not show if you do not have a Team set up for that event). You can also view the tournament page for more information by clicking the "View" button. 

You should now be registered. If any requirements are still outstanding, an error message should explain which action is to be taken.

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