The year ahead with Telkom VS Gaming

Dear VS Gamers,

In 2020 we saw the rise of new Champions, as the old guards failed to contain their explosion into the scene.

  • The likes of ATK and their unrivaled CS:GO & League of Legend squad,
  • The return to the top step for Sinister 5 in Dota 2,
  • Pirates FC claiming both top spots in our eDiski series, &
  • The complete dominance showed by Paul Roos Gymnasium as they went on to win both titles in the High School Esports League.

While those standing on the top pedestal enjoy the spoils of war, we recognise and celebrate the hundreds of teams & their respective players who challenged the status quo and pushed the community’s collective skill ceiling to a new level in 2020. 

Telkom VS Gaming in 2021

With a full year ahead of us, we continue to focus on the development of the esports community in Africa by carefully constructing and refining an eco-system that starts at the grassroots level in the High School Esports League, the casual-competitive community through our proven division-based leagues & Championships, as well as the professional scene with the Masters and eDiski Series.

Telkom VS Gaming CS:GO Masters:

Through 14 years of consistent investment by Telkom, the VS Gaming Masters is the foundation of the South African Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO) esports scene. CS:GO is not only extremely popular in South Africa, but it is also arguably the most successful esports title globally.

2021 is no different, as we continue to evolve our Masters series in line with the natural growth of esports in South Africa. While COVID19 has forced us to temporarily move away from big-stage events, we have made big strides in our content creation capabilities, by further developing our online platforms and studio facilities.

We begin the season by placing teams into a 3-part division-based structure based on each respective team's skill level shown during the 2020 season. The Telkom VS Gaming league tries its best to ensure that teams are matched against opponents who are on their same skill level and works to prevent teams from feeling out of place or out of their depth, which ultimately results in an authentic and enjoyable experience. During this phase, teams are promoted between divisions as their teams & players develop and increase in power. 

The second phase begins with a Playoff, where teams in the lower divisions make their final stake to qualify for the Telkom VS Gaming Championship. The top sixteen teams in the league will compete in the Championships to secure a top 4 position, which qualifies them for the most prestigious grand final event in South African esports: The Telkom VS Gaming Masters.

Registrations for the Telkom VS Gaming Masters Series will open on the 2nd of February and close on the 26th of February 2021. The teams who took part in the 2020 league will need to register again to opt-in.

Free-agent players who require help finding a team for the upcoming season should post their intentions on one of the numerous social media platforms and tag VS Gaming. We will help connect players to the best of our ability.

The transfer window is currently open & will close the night before the start of the league. The transfer window will open in the breaks between each of the respective legs. Teams can only make changes to their VS Gaming line-ups during our official transfer windows.

📝 Register for the CSGO League here.

High School Esports League:

Entering the fourth season of the High School Esports League, we realize that our investment into the development of esports at the grassroots level is critical for the South African scene, as the program breeds & grooms the next generations of esports gamers who as a result, will undoubtedly surpass the current generation and ensure that as a republic, our future super-stars have the skill to compete and win on the international level.

To ensure a comprehensive opportunity-based journey for students, we have introduced Rocket League as our low-barrier-to-entry option, which will complement our Counter-Strike Global Offensive league. To complete the journey, we have also reintroduced Rocket League as a Telkom VS Gaming Championship title. That means that students who graduate from High School can continue the development of their esports careers in the Telkom VS Gaming CS:GO Masters League and Telkom VS Gaming Rocket League Championship.

For the League of Legends players out there, member Teachers will be hosting the 2021 League of Legends program with VS Gaming’s technical support.

The Telkom VS Gaming High School Esports League is a free league that is open to all High Schools in South Africa. To sign your School up, please contact us on Discord or email us here.  

Registrations for new schools open on the 3rd of February 2021 and closes on the 26th of February 2021.

The Rocket League Championship

Rocket League (RL) is an extremely accessible esports-ready title, which we believe is the key to making esports accessible to a far greater number of South Africans. Rocket League mashes vehicles, soccer & super arenas into a completely free video game that can be played by gamers on their choice of gaming equipment, as it is available on PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, & PC.

The Telkom VS Gaming 3vs3 Rocket League series will inherit the same refined & proven league structure & schedule developed for the Telkom VS Gaming CS:GO Masters, with the exception being that the Championship will represent the final stage of the tournament.

📝 Register for Rocket League here.

Telkom VS Gaming eDiski Season 4

The Telkom VS Gaming eDiski Series continues where it left off. 22 of the very best FIFA players will meet at one of three Playoff events held in Gauteng during February and March as they compete to qualify for the eDiski Season 4 Finals.

The Dota 2 and League of Legends Cups

The Dota 2 and League of Legends scene can look forward to more Telkom VS Gaming action in 2021. We will be hosting a two-staged Cup tournaments for each respective game title. More information on these two tournaments will be released soon, and registrations will open on 15th of March.

Ready, set, go!

From the Telkom VS Gaming team, we wish all competitors good luck in the upcoming season. Feel free to contact our support team if you need help signing your team up.