How to start a team

How to start a team

Being a competitive gamer is long journey that starts with the first step. For those of you who do not know, before I screamed into the microphone about big plays, I screamed into the microphone as a competitive player. Although my competitive story ended years ago, perhaps I can offer a little advise from the perspective of a concluded story, on how you, the reader, could possibly start your own.

Forming a team

The most overt part of being a competitive gamer, is being part of a team. Even if your preferred title is a solo game, many of the points I am going to raise will remain relevant as you will likely wish to join a gaming organisation. It doesn’t start there though; the first trick is really making your own team with your own friends. Yes, I said friends.  Play frequently with individuals who you enjoy gaming with and are of a similar skill level. Those friends are the best teammates you will ever have. It will evolve over time, but for tomorrow, that guy who you aren’t quite sure about but still love gaming with him – pick him.

Important: Recruiting

It’s also OK if you don’t have enough friends yet or you would rather join a team. We live in a world where online dating is totally acceptable, so using something like Facebook or Discord to find a team is totally acceptable. Either way, recruiting, or wishing to be recruited – Simply be honest, modest and transparent. Play with the people you find and see if your wants are aligned.

VS Gaming also has a recruitment channel on discord, where you can find likeminded folk searching for teams or players;

Simply head over to the VS Gaming discord; go to

  • #Roles-and-Channels
  • To join the recruitment channel – click the eyes or the horn depending if you are searching for a team or searching for a player respectively

  • The #Recruitment channel will now be available on the left navigation
  • Heading over to it will show you posts like these

  • Find your team

Setting Goals

Once you have found a team to play for, it’s time to start playing. Most teams I have seen fail, fail within days or weeks after forming. This is largely due to teams setting unreasonable expectations for themselves and failing to live up to it. Your team is new, you suck. Get better don’t try win every game you play, perhaps just set the goal of playing a certain number of times. Or even watching a certain number of pro games. Go easy on yourself and each other.

Goals should always be trackable, achievable and applying modest time frames. 2 to 4 weeks max.


You knew it was coming, practice makes winners. You have heard it all before, and I won’t waste your time. How should you practice though? In my time I followed five rules

  • Practice against someone better than us
  • Practice against someone as good as us
  • Practice against someone we are better than
  • Practice against someone we don’t know

So really, you are looking for three scrim partners. Each type of opponent has something to teach you. You learn the most from losing, but bear in mind, you also need to know how to win and how to be challenged.

The fifth rule;

  • Practice being a better teammate

This is the hardest rule, as it isn’t ever as simple as just being a more skilled player. It includes being more level-headed or more assertive, whatever your weakness may be.

Love your story

At the end of the day, this is your tale, your odyssey. Love every moment of it. If you don’t… What is the point?

I wish you fair weather

I hope this has helped some of you out there and I hope that one day I can shout your name across a grand gaming event somewhere in South Africa or abroad. Remember, it all starts with the first step. Happy hunting.

Article written by Devin 'HellbirD' Rigotti