Info Drop Incoming...

With the holidays and the New Year celebrations now fading into the past, all gears are spinning at full rev’s as we prepare for the 2020 Telkom VS Gaming League season.  

Information regarding our 2020 League calendar of events will be released soon so It’s now time to call up your squad, dust off your equipment and prepare for war. This year will be yours.  


In need of some support? Simply log into our discord server and head on over to our #Support-Tickets channel and follow the instructions. Otherwise if any of our referees are on voice chat, you can jump on in and we will assist.  

Squad up!  

Need a team or a team member? We have a solution built for you on our discord server. Jump into the #Recruitment channel, post your details. If a team or player is interested, you should soon be contacted. 

You can join our discord server here.