Quake Champions Registrations see some familiar names

Quake is returning to the VS Gaming League with the latest iteration – Quake Champions. VS Gaming and Quake share a rich history, and Quake is often argued as one of the games which kick-started competitive gaming back in the late 90’s.

Quake is a fast-paced, single-player arena first-person shooter. The game is dictated by strategy, precision, movement and speed as players aim to frag each other around the map. Quake, in its simplest form, was shooting action, a simple game which launched some of the most successful first-person shooters in our rich gaming history. It also gave us our first few professional gamers who began their careers as paid gamers. Quake fell off a bit with the release of team-based shooters like Counter-Strike and Call of Duty, but we’re proud to announce it is back, and we’re as excited as you.
Quake Champions has changed the ball-game a bit adding different characters with specific abilities which take away from the original quake which was essentially “run and gun.” The new strategy involved in knowing your character, and your opponents, make for an exciting spectacle of shooter-esports at the highest level.

South Africa also has a long history with Quake, including sending some of our first ever gamers overseas to compete in Dreamhack. Many South African Quake players have already made their return, with over 50 names already signed up to the VS Gaming Quake Champions League. These names include: Shase, OverlordZA, Adrenalin, sp4ceman, St3baS, and CarNage. We’re still hoping to see signups from Ph4nt0m and Detrony, but both are currently entwined in CS:GO, but a resurgence of these two players would be a huge deal for local Quake.
Registrations for the Quake Champions League are open till January 21st, so be sure to sign up if you wish to compete and make history once again.