Register for the VS Gaming League

Registrations are now open for the VS Gaming League!

The 2018 VS Gaming League (formerly Digital Gaming League) is upon us, and with the name change comes a number of new features for the 2018 season. In 2017 VS Gaming saw its first year of operation with the aim of maintaining South Africa’s biggest online gaming league, and 2018 is no exception.

Gamers from around the country are already registering for their respective leagues and titles, awaiting an exciting year of online and live competition. Once again, the league is completely free to enter, and all it requires is a registration on the VS Gaming website. Last year saw over R1.5 million in prizes awarded to players in the League. VS Gaming also hosted their first ever Gaming Festival which featured over 1000 FIFA players battling it out for R1.5 million. 

While the league flourished, VS Gaming also saw its second year of the Masters Program which featured eight of South Africa’s top Multi-Gaming Organizations push themselves to the limits in the highest level of competition. Lot’s is changing this year, so don’t miss out on registration.

The New Masters of 2018

Teams who competed in their respective divisions need to register once again, and this includes teams who were part of the Masters Program. Teams and players will then be put into a new qualification process in order to determine what division they are placed in and all spots are open to those who are deemed worthy. It’s a fresh start for all, and you’re all invited.

Once qualification is complete, and the divisions are decided, the league will commence with promotion and relegation through two seasons. This year we’re looking for the best, and we’re sure you’re all ready for the biggest year in South African Gaming.

Two New Titles!

Sticking with the times, the VS Gaming League are adding two new titles this year. We’re proud to welcome the latest iteration of Call of Duty: World War II on PS4, and to welcome back a familiar face – Quake Champions. Below is a full list of supported titles in the VS Gaming League:
•    Counter-Strike Global Offensive (Registrations Full)
•    Dota 2 (Registrations Closed)
•    League of Legends (Registrations Closed)
•    Overwatch (Registrations Closed)
•    Hearthstone (Registrations Closed)
•    Battlefield 4 (Registrations Closed)
•    Rocket League (Registrations Closed)
•    FIFA 18 on PS4 (Registrations Full)
•    FIFA 18 on PS4 (Registrations Open)
•    FIFA 18 on Xbox One (Registrations Open)
•    Call of Duty WW2 (Registrations Closed)
•    Quake Champions (Registrations Closed)

Don’t miss out!

Get your squad together, reform your alliances, and register for the VS Gaming League today! Remember, registrations close at midnight on the 21st of January. Competitive gaming is growing exponentially and 2018 could be the year you begin your professional gaming career as your performance in the league could be a great way to grow your team and push to become the best in South Africa!