The AMD Vega Hype Trail Derails

Computex 2017 has been truly stocked up on the latest technology reveals, from Intel dropping the bomb on a monster of a Core i9 Lineup (which already broke 10 Overclocking World Records) to a look at the highly anticipated AMD Vega GPU’s.

Above is the live stream VOD from AMD’s Computex experience, which turned out to be a highly-anticipated event but which, ultimately, led to more disappointment than anyone really expected.

Radeon “Vega” Updates

Following the announcement that the first graphics card based on the “Vega” architecture will be the Radeon™ Vega Frontier Edition, a premier solution for both machine learning and advanced visualization, AMD announced that this powerful new graphics card is expected to arrive on shelf on June 27th, 2017. In addition, AMD showcased the highly-anticipated Radeon RX Vega graphics card, asserting that the “Vega” architecture based gaming powerhouse is expected to launch at SIGGRAPH 2017 (30 July to 03 August), the world’s largest and most influential conference for computer graphics and interactive techniques, hosted in Los Angeles, California.

  • Vega Frontier – June 27th, 2017
  • RX Vega – 30 July to 03 August

Yes, you heard right! AMD did not launch any specifications. No photos. No set launch date AND no pricing (or even a simple benchmark). Instead, AMD decided to showcase a quick demo using PREY 2017 at 4K (not the hardest game to run) using two “Vega” GPU’s running in crossfire and, to top things off, they didn’t even include an FPS counter. For all we know the game was locked at 60fps to match the stream and look smooth enough.

HBM2 – Since I can only speculate (due to the lack of details), there is currently an HBM shortage worldwide and, with the Vega cards all relying on this new memory technology, stocks could again be limited.

It’s not all doom and gloom for AMD fans however as we at least know that, within the next two months, we will get to see the AMD Vega frontier edition (slower than the consumer grade RX series). From there we can start to judge if this “beast” of a card can knock the 1080Ti down but, then again, if we look at it NVidia are gearing up to release Volta this year which could completely cripple the year of waiting for VEGA, so maybe doom and gloom is upon AMD.

AMD fans went from mining Ethereum to salt real fast.