Computex 2017: What to Expect

One of the biggest technology events of the year, COMPUTEX Taipei 2017 promises keynotes from everything from future technology trends, Artificial Intelligence to the “Internet of Things” following the broader theme of “From Mobility to Intelligence”.

Consisting of 1,600 exhibitors from 26 countries (using 5,010 booths which include 272 participating startups from 23 countries) COMPUTEX 2017 has something for everyone.

Featuring big brands, as well as developing companies, tech enthusiasts the world over will be on close watch as the expo kicks off so, to guide you on your way, here are a few things to keep an eye out for:

  • Intel’s new enthusiast lineup with the Core i9 or Skylake X processors, along with their x299 platform from partners such as Gigabyte, Asus, MSi and others. (Details)
  • AMD’s most powerful GPU to date with AMD RX Vega. (Details)
  • AMD CPU Threadripper Reveal (Details)
  • NVidia gearing up to reveal their next line GPUs with the Volta series, a successor to the GTX 10xx series. (Details)
  • MSi to reveal GTX 1080Ti Lightning Z. (Details)
  • EVGA to reveal a GTX 1080Ti Kingpin Edition. (Details)

The event should also see the battle for dominance between AMD and Intel reach new heights, with AMD and Intel both having recently unveiled all new lines, and with the launch of AMD’s Vega just around the corner, so the tech YouTubers are going to be extremely busy. While you can always look out for the streams hosted by the companies themselves, for the best experience you can hang around well-known YouTubers who are at the scene including:

YouTubers to follow:

Day One – One Day Away Event to highlight 5 themes, 4 featured exhibition areas, 3 gaming competitions and over 100 keynotes & forums More details can be found here.