Flipsid3 Dota 2 “Confident as a Team”

Sunday sees a double header with two matches scheduled to take place in a fight for the middle ground of the Dota 2 DGL Masters Division, as xTc take on Veneration and Pulse Gaming face off against Flipsid3 Tactics South Africa.

All four teams have had some turbulent starts to their Leg One runs in the Masters League, but all have proven themselves to have the potential to be formidable sides within the Masters itself.

One such side is Flipsid3 Tactics South Africa, who managed to open their Leg run with a win against Damage Control, but quickly fell short to both Energy eSports (in what was an extremely thrilling series) and White Rabbit Gaming, the arguable favourites and DGL Master 2016 champions.

The team by no means seems disheartened however, as a brief chat with Flipsid3 captain Shan “MilkY” Laubscher reveals:

Telkom Gaming (TG): Despite some losses the F3.SA Squad has definitely looked to be showing some good form so far this year. How have you and your team found the new patch and the Leg so far?

Shan “MilkY” Laubscher at the DGL Masters 2016.

Shan “MilkY” Laubscher: We felt very unlucky vs eN, but they beat us and all credit to them for an amazing series. We like the new patch, it’s amazing for us supports to be able to get something out of the game with those bounty runes. The DGL Masters has been amazing so far in my opinion, Seems like a real good contest this season.

(TG): And about your match against Pulse on Sunday, does the team feel confident that you can pull out a win? How have you gone about preparing?

 Laubscher: We will always feel confident as a team, we know each other by now and really enjoy playing together. We take each game as it comes. Pulse has a really strong lineup, having put in real strong performances. We will go and give our best and the best team will hit the ‘big W’ Sunday.

(TG): Looking towards the rest of the Leg, since some of your tougher matches are already out the way, how is the team feeling about the rest of your matches? Any particular team that worries you?

Laubscher: I think WRG would be any teams’ most feared match up in the current leg, having played most of the other teams in Masters and scrims we feel confident that we can put in good performances. Most of us scrim each other weekly and understand how to play against each other, so i guess it all comes down to who wants it more on match day. Personally I’d say each team deserves to be respected in this league.

Both games are scheduled for Sunday, 19 February, at 8PM, with local casters on-hand to break down all the action, so make sure stay tuned to the DGL on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest streaming updates and announcements.

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