Last Chance to Register for the Sapphire Genesis Proving Grounds!

Registrations for the Sapphire Genesis Proving Grounds are open for just a few more days, so now maybe be your last chance to qualify for the Community Shield Cup, and possibly get you and your team an early DGC Qualification or a possible slot in the DGL Masters (depending on the title).

The Proving Grounds, a new DGL initiative designed to enable teams two new ways of making their mark on the Esports scene. For Masters titles, the Proving Grounds work as a way to get you into the Community Shield and possibly on to a chance to participate in a Masters event, while non-Masters titles can book their place at the annual DGC (Digital Gaming Championships) as early as March.

The cups are open to all players and teams, regardless of rank, with the only restrictions being for Masters teams or teams that have already qualified for the Community Shield, Sapphire Showdown or Masters LAN.

Teams will battle their way through the first of two Sapphire Cups (Genesis and Do-or-Die) to book a spot in the Sapphire Showdown where they will face-off for a chance to qualify for the Community Shield Cup.

For more information about the Sapphire Series, the Community Shield and how it all fits into the DGL click here, or check out our guide to the 2017 DGL season here.


The Sapphire Genesis Proving Grounds 


  • Round 1: Monday 20 Feb @ 8:00pm
  • Round 2: Tuesday 21 Feb @ 8:00pm
  • Round 3: Wednesday 22 Feb @ 8:00pm
  • Round 4: Thursday 23 Feb @ 8:00pm
  • Round 5: Monday 27 Feb @ 8:00pm

Registration closes on 19 February 2017. 

The cups serve as a good way to get some extra competitive games in for those players and teams looking to get some practice, and is welcome to one and all, so if you’re looking to up your game, this is the perfect place to do it.

The following teams do not qualify for this event:

  • Masters teams.
  • Teams that have already qualified for the Community Shield through the Emerald Showdown.

Click on the links below to get to your relevant Sapphire Cup page:

DGL Masters:

Non-Masters Titles: