Announcing the new DGL format and Schedule for 2017


In less than a week we celebrate the start of the 2017 DGL season with the Emerald Genesis Proving Grounds qualifier – a new DGL initiative designed to grant equal opportunity for non-Masters teams to earn their spot in the Masters Cup (Formerly Masters Major) while enabling others to book a place at the annual DGC (Digital Gaming Championships).

The Emerald Qualifier is the first of four planned qualifiers (Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire and Amber) for the 2017 calendar, culminating in two separate “Community Shields” (Leg 1 and Leg 2), which will serve as either a Masters Wildcard Qualifier or a DGC Qualifier, depending on the game/league title.

In the bigger picture, the Community Shield is just another way for teams to qualify for DGC above and beyond the usual promotion and DGC Playoff systems. More importantly, for CS:GO and Dota 2, it allows non-Masters teams to take their chances against some of South Africa’s most elite MGOs (Multi-Gaming Organizations) in hopes of competing at a Masters Cup as a Wildcard invite.

These qualifiers are open to all non-Masters teams on a first-come, first-serve basis and will follow the designated layout [below].

  1. DGL Proving Grounds – Two separate qualifiers (Genesis and Do-or-Die). Top finishers from each qualifier progress to DGL Showdown.
  2. DGL Showdown – Top finishers from  DGL Proving Grounds compete against each other for a spot in the DGL Community Shield.
  3. DGL Community Shield – Top finishers from DGL Showdown will compete against top finishers from select DGL Community Events (and Lower Masters teams – if applicable) to book their place at DGC or Masters Event.

Masters (CSGO)

masters-csgo masters-cup12 masters-cup34

Masters (Dota 2)

masters-dota masters-cup12 masters-cup34

Other DGL Titles

other other-cup-12 other-cup-34